A 6 Day Tour in Northwest Arizona
Many consider northwest Arizona the ultimate vacation trip. There are historic sites to see, and the beauty of Arizona to enjoy. Swimming, hiking, hunting, fishing, backpacking, off road vehicle adventures, camping, horse back riding, and the ultimate mule ride down into the Grand Canyon. Northwest Arizona is also the home of the "Heart of the Old Route 66."

From the Grand Canyon to untouched forests, Northern Arizona dazzles at every turn – and offers countless ways to excite your spirit and indulge your soul. So grab your sense of adventure come play, come stay!

Day One
Many people start their adventure from Las Vegas. Head south on US 93 from Las Vegas. It provides a fast 4 lane divided highway connection all the way to Kingman, Arizona. Kingman to Hoover Dam has lots of pictures and information about US 93.
Stop and view Lake Mead at the National Park Visitors Center
Walk on the Memorial Bridge across the Colorado River. It is America's newest wonder. The Hoover Dam bridge crosses the Colorado River, on the border between the US states of Arizona and Nevada. The bridge carries vehicle traffic on US 93 across the river.
Hoover Dam Tour and Bridge Viewing
Lunch at the "The World Famous Rosie's Den".
Visit The Grand Canyon Skywalk
Stay in the Ramada Hotel in Kingman, Arizona
Day 2
  Explore Kingman and the Heart of Historic Route 66

Visit Oatman, Arizona - A true old west Route 66 town

  Play Golf in Kingman
  Visit The Archery Store - shoot a couple arrows and meet a Champion Archer
Day 3
Visit Williams, Arizona. The Tourist Center is a great place for your first stop, then walk over one block to the main business street and do a little tourist shopping.
Take the train to Grand Canyon
All About The Highway From Williams, Arizona To The Grand Canyon
Enjoy the Grand Canyon
Stay overnight in The Grand Canyon at the world famous El Travor Hotel
Helicopter over the Grand Canyon
Day 4

Enjoy breakfast at the El Travor Hotel at the Grand Canyon and then head east on Arizona Highway 64 along the rim. There are many great places to stop along the way and enjoy views of the canyon.

The main viewpoints Grand View Point, Moran Point, Lipan Point and Navajo Point. Then you will want to stop at the “Watchtower”, a grand stone tower at the east exit which you can climb up 30 feet to the top for one final spectacular view before departing the park.

For lunch you have got to stop at the world famous Cameron Trading Post which is east of the park entrance. It is one of the oldest native American trading posts still operating. It was established as a common ground of culture, art, and community. The store has a wide variety of gifts including silver jewelry and authentic Indian blankets with a knowledgeable staff to assist you. The trading post also has a US Post Office, a gas station and an excellent quality motel.

Your next stop should be Page, Arizona

Page is a small town in northern Arizona located on the southern shores of magnificent Lake Powell. Their friendly community offers visitors outstanding recreation and a wide variety of lodging and services. 

Stay overnight and visit Lake Powell. Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona. It is a major vacation spot that around 2 million people visit every year.

Day 5

Visit and stay at the Grand Canyon Lodge on the North Rim. It is only open in the summer so be sure to to check, and reservation are advised. Accommodations at the Grand Canyon Lodge - North Rim consist of Frontier cabins, Western and larger Pioneer cabins, located close to the rim, as well as some motel rooms, located within an easy walking distance from the canyon rim.

The North Rim offers a serene and enthralling Grand Canyon experience. Prepare yourself to be awed by the grandeur and beauty of this amazing site. Thousands of feet higher than the South Rim, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon provides impressive vistas, trails along the Colorado River, and a better glimpse at the inner canyon.

The entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park NORTH RIM is located 30 miles south of Jacob Lake on Highway 67; the actual rim of the canyon is an additional 14 miles south. Jacob Lake, AZ is located in northern Arizona on Highway 89A, not far from the Utah border.

To reach the North Rim of Grand Canyon from the town of Page first you have to drive route 89 South to Bitter Springs (23 miles/37km), then 89 ALT to Jacob Lake, and then 67 south to the Grand Canyon's North Rim entrance. This is about a 3 hour trip. The Grand Canyon lies entirely within the state of Arizona.

Day 6
Head back to Las Vegas, Nevada. It is 270 miles from the Grand Canyon north rim to Las Vegas. On the trip back you should stop at Kanab, Utah. You will find shops that feature Indian and western wear.

The Kane County Utah Office of Tourism is located on Hwy 89 in downtown Kanab. A highlight of Kanab is the Frontier Town know as "Little Hollywood" of western movies. The museum features preserved western movie sets of the past. You can stroll through these sets and appreciate the fabulous illusions the film makers brought to the silver screen. Many movies and TV shows have been filmed around Kanab.

Pipe Spring National Monument is rich with American Indian, early explorer, and Mormon pioneer history.

Colorado City is a town in Mohave County, Arizona, United States, and is located in a region known as the Arizona Strip. According to the 2010 census, the population of the town was 4,821.

At least three Mormon fundamentalist sects are said to be based there. Colorado City is just south of the Utah state line. Colarado City is the largest and best known polygamist community in the United States.

As your Northwest Arizona Grand Adventure comes to a close at Interstate 15 in Mesquite, Nevada we hope you have enjoyed your visit and encourage you to come again. Mesquite is adjacent to the Arizona state line and 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

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